George Orwell

George Orwell, also known as Eric Arthur Blair, was the most important writer of the twentieth century. He was correct in many of his predictions, and his works are timeless classics that enhance one's appreciation for grammar, vocabulary, and the ability of words to form pictures in our minds.
A wrought iron gat with a golden top, fashioned to resemble a lion and a unicorn, symbols of England, the inspirations for the title to George Orwell's essay The Lion and The Unicorn: Socialism and The English Genius (Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash)

The Lion and The Unicorn

"Socialism and The English Genius". This is one of George Orwell's longest essays, in which he describes the role England will have to play against Hitler's Germany during World War 2.

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A pen writes as the writer holding it offscreen thinks words and pictures. The Tutoring Underground insists that words and pictures must be given equal respect in the education process. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Why I Write

A statue of Charles Dickens, the subject of George Orwell's admiration and criticism. The Tutoring Underground loves to teach George Orwell especially for this type of complexity and historical perspective. Photo by Taha on Unsplash

Charles Dickens

One of George Orwell's most surprising and complex essays, this text explores the reputation of one of the greatest and most beloved writers of all time, showing the complexity of both the man and his work.

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Politics and The English Language

This is Orwell's lesson on how to write well, creating pictures in the mind of the reader. This makes it more difficult to lie.

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