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There are four types of words: Things, Actions, Descriptions, and Connections. Most words in the English language can be nouns, verbs, or adjectives depending on how they are used in the sentence, but connections are special. There are connections that bring together two things (Mike and Tom), two actions (eat and drink), and two descriptions (slowly but effectively). The connections that bring together two sentences are called transitions (I went to the movies but I was not hungry).

There are two main types of transitions. The first type consists of causation transitions, all of which show some form of cause-and-effect relationship (because, if, therefore, as a result, so). The second type has ironic transitions, where what happens is the opposite of what was expected (but, yet, though, however, still, nevertheless).

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Switch Sides, Switch Signs, Combine, Divide Both Sides By The Coefficient, Keep Change Flip

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Circle The Verb, Underline The Subject, Triangle The Transition, Causation And Irony

Point, Reason, Example, Good Decisions, Bad Decisions, Transitions

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